Hand Carved Tiki Bar Signs

These fun signs are hand carved and made to you that Island Vibe in your Tiki Bar or outdoor lanai area.

Pictured below is our Tiki Bar w/ Engraving featuring a antique/rustic finish, featuring some petroglyph carvings with a Tiki on the side. Measures about 24" x 7".

Tiki Bar Sign with Tiki

This next Bar sign with "Beach Bar" and Palm Trees is a great Tropical piece for any Bar area.  A hand made and painted sign measuring 12" x 6" is the perfect Tiki Bar or Beach Bar decor.

Beach Bar Sign Bar Decor

Very Tropical looking "Happy Hour" sign with some Plumeria flowers on it is pictured below.  Hand made wooden Tiki Bar sign for the outdoor living area.  Measures 16" long.

Tiki Bar Sign - Always Happy Hour

All of Makana Hut's Tiki Bar signs are made to put the Island feel in your bar area. Check out all of our wooden signs: CLICK HERE.


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