Makana Hut's Affordable Tikis

These are a few of Makana Hut's affordable Tikis. They have been hand carved with details and keeping with the Hawaiian traditions.

Big Kahuna Tiki Scupture.

Pictured above is Makana Hut's version of a Tiki Kuka sculpture - Big Kahuna Tiki measures 20" Tall. Has been hand carved and painted.

Moai Easter Island Tiki Totems

This Moai Easter Island Tiki that is pictured above give you 3 choices of sizes and prices.  Comes in 5 inch, 6 Inch and 10 Inch versions.

These wooden Tiki represents the famous Moai Easter Island Tiki which was hand carved and hand painted. This hand carved tiki totem has been waxed to give a nice antique finish.

Tiki Totem in Black

This Tiki above is a hand carved and hand painted Totem (black color) measuring 20 inches tall. This artsy Tiki totem would look great in a modern home or up to your own imagination! (Sorry but Ukulele not included). For indoor/outdoor decor.

For more great priced Tikis go to our Affordable Tiki section. Or CLICK HERE

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