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Hawaiian Customs to Remove Shoes

July 17, 2017

Remove your Shoes Mahalo

It's custom in the Islands to remove your shoes before entering someones home. It great to see the front of a home in Hawaii with all those slippers on the lanai.  Sometimes you will have a shoe rack full of them. 

Remove Your Shoes Sign Red

This sign "PLEASE REMOVE YOUR SHOES" will remind those who don't know the Island-Style custom to do just that. Measures 17 inches by 5 inches. Comes with Red or Blue Slippers. Made of wood and painted with Plumeria Flowers.


Remove Your Shoes Blue

Great gift idea. Check out all of Makana Hut's wooden Beach, Surf, Aloha, Vintage and Bamboo signs. We also have a great selection of Tiki Bar signs.

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