Tiki God KU Hawaiian Museum Replica

One of the 4 major Tiki Gods of Hawaii. This Hawaiian Museum Replica Tiki KU below measuring 20 inches, made out of solid monkey pod wood. The original is from Hawaii Museum.  KU is known as the Tiki of strength and Tiki God of War. The other 3 Gods are Lono, Kane and Kanaloa.

Tiki God Ku 10 Inch Carved Tiki

The KU God below is our Natural finish (Comes in stained also), this Tiki measures 12 inches and also made of premium Acacia wood.

Ku Tiki God Carved Tiki

These beautiful pieces of art have been carved with great attention to details. This Tiki is made out of Acacia Koa. For more information about Hawaii's Tiki Gods, go to our About Tiki Gods page.

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