Peterborough Canoe | Hand Made Model

$ 245.00


Makana Hut's hand made Peterborugh Canoe are strip built from the highest quality of woods by master artisans using "Plank on Frame" construction just like real boats. Each model takes approximately 50 hours to construct. 

Peterborough Canoe was founded in 1892 by William H Hill and Elihu Edward who manufactured wooden canoes in a factory located at the corner of King and Water Streets in the city of Peterborough, Ontario Canada.

  • Dimension: L:23.5" | W:4.75" | H:6"
  • Interior Ribs
  • 2 Oars
  • Oar Holders
  • Brass Nameplate
  • Wood Stand

Perfect gift idea or decor for home or office, boat enthusiast, or passionate collector.