Ali'i Hawaiian Club | Hawaiian Heritage Replica (Reduced Price)

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A beautiful replica Ali'i (Supreme High Chiefs) Club handmade from Monkey Pod wood and features Shark Teeth. This Polynesian Replica Club could do some serious damage back in the day, but now it's a beautiful collectors piece of artwork. This replica measures approximately 20 inches long and is carved from single piece of wood. Sennit fiber on handle.

Ali'i: Ali'i refers to the hereditary line of rulers, the noho ali'i, of the Hawaiian Islands. Aliʻi nui were supreme high chiefs of an island and no others were above them. The responsibility of the Ali'i Nui was to make sure the people the rules of order, rights and Kapu (Laws and Code of Conduct). 

*One of the Sharks Teeth has been chipped (See Images)

  • Style: Hawaiian Heritage Club
  • Hand carved
  • Rope: Sennit fiber
  • Size: Approximately 20 inches long x 7 inches wide
  • Material: Monkey Pod Wood
  • Color: Natural
  • Features: Shark Teeth*

*NOTE: One of the Teeth are chipped (See Images)

*NOTE: This replica contains sharp objects (Teeth) and will cut you if not handled with care. For adults only

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John Martin

Great addition to my Hawai'i man cave memory wall. Kai says thank you.