Ho'okipa Hawaiian Totem | Dark Wood 20"

$ 145.00


Hand Carved Ho'okipa Tiki Totem in a dark brown Premium Monkey Pod wood and features a Hawaiian Pineapple. This welcome Totem measures approximately 20" tall (allow slight variation in size due to hand carved) and carved by hand from single piece of wood. The perfect Welcoming Totem for the Hale.

Ho'okipa means welcome with open arms and hospitality. Giving and unselfishly extending to others the best you can. Ho'o is hosting with hospitality and Kipa is spending time with others or visit.  

  • Totem: Ho'okipa: Welcoming others and giving unselfishly.
  • Color: Dark Brown 
  • Material: Premium Monkey Pod
  • Measurements: 20 inches (50 cm) (Allow for sight variation due to carving)
  • Hand waxed/finished before shipping out.