About Artist Jacob Arthur Medina

Jacob Medina Art - Makana Hut Featured Artist
Makana Hut featured artist Jacob Arthur Medina and his unique vision of Hawai’i by combining its legends, myths, and cultures with imagery from his Mexican heritage. Born on the Day of the Dead so this holiday with its icons of sugar skulls and skeletons became very personal as you can see in his art.
His earliest influences came from skateboarding. He used to copy graphics like Jim Phillips’s “Screaming Hand” or Powell Peralta’s skull series. They had a tremendous impact on his subject matter and style. Skateboarding was really his first glimpse into the Lowbrow art scene.”

Right out of High School, Jacob spent five years in the army, with a deployment to Kosovo, after which he was ready for a big change, and moved to Hawai’i where he earned his BA in Art and was properly introduced to the icon of the tiki.

“I think of the skeleton and tiki as armatures where I can build a variety of my own characters and archetypes that live in a world of fantasy, adventure, and humor.”

When asked about achieving the sense of space his paintings possess, Jacob admits, “It wasn’t until I learned about the invention of the multiplane camera by Walt Disney that I realized how I wanted to exaggerate the idea of space in my paintings. I mimicked this technique through contrasting form, color, and texture. Glossier paint tends to jump to the foreground while matte colors recede into the background. So I started using One Shot enamel over acrylic and it really helped my foreground figures stand out.” 

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