Ali`I Koa Duster W/ Marlin Bill & Shark Teeth


A Hawaiian Shark Teeth club or knuckle duster with blue marlin bill with inlay shark teeth, made out of KOA. This beautiful piece of art is 21" long. There are a total of 8 authentic bull shark teeth, the wood used for this specific item is Koa from the Big Island, sennit roping from Fiji and rooster feathers.

  • Traditional Hawaiian Heritage
  • Wood: Koa from the Big Island
  • Brown feathers
  • Material: shark teeth, sennit rope from Fiji, blue marlin bill, rooster feathers
  • Made in Hawaii
  • Great conversation piece
  • Collectible

Hawaiian spear made out of KOA with Shark teeth also known as pahoa i a me lei-o-mano.

Please note that the feathers arrangement may vary slightly.