Fishing and Ocean | Polynesian Mask 40"


Hand carved Polynesian mask featuring a two Turtles representing Fishing and Ocean, the mask measures about 40 INCHES. This mask was hand carved and hand painted. Perfect for outdoor or indoor Tropical Tiki decor.
  • Style: Polynesian Tiki Mask
  • Size: 40 inches X 7 inches
  • Material: Wood
  • Hand carved and hand painted

Fijian culture: Carving was practiced by the men; carving would be used for items of practical use and simple shapes and design were used. A lot of effort was put into well adorned items for the home and ceremony, today carving is practiced for its use in tourism and no longer plays a major role in Fijian society and life except in the case of the Tanoa used from drinking Kava.

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