Goddess Pele 20" | Hawaiian Heritage


Madam Pele the Queen of Fire. A beautiful Tiki figure measuring 20 inches, made out of solid Acacia Koa wood, natural monkey pod. Called PELE, collected in Hawaii prior to 1879.

  • ORIGINAL: Musee de l'Homme, PARIS
  • Goddess Pele - Fire
  • Size: 20 Inches
  • PROVENANCE: undetermined

She was the daughter of the Earth Goddess Haumea and dwells in the Kilauea volcano. This wild and fiery goddess is widely venerated in Hawaii and other parts of Polynesia. When eruptions threaten towns it is thought that Pele is angry. Her volcanoes are both destroyers and creators of the earth, since her flowing lava makes new land. Pele's husband, the Pig God Kamapua'a, is the inventor of agriculture. Notice the spouting "lava crest" of her comb headdress. [adapted from a 19th cent. carved wood image, Museum of Man, Paris]

A true collectors piece, carved with great details.

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