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Hand carved authentic Hawaiian Tiki made from a solid piece of wood. This 8 inch tiki of Hawaiian God Ku was carved with great details. Ku is one of the primary Tiki Gods in Hawai'i along with Kanaloa, Kane and Lono. Ku is the god of strength and protection. KU represents both negative and positive aspects.

Ku stands for that which is upright and erect. He represents war, fishing, farming and the deep forest. He is the 'ihe (spear), the god of war who takes life away and the who brings forth life from the earth (Bishop Museum, Honolulu).  

  • Ku: God of Strength, War, Protection and Fishing
  • Measurement: 8 inches tall by 2-1/4 wide
  • Material: Wood
  • Perfect for the office or a gift.

For more about Hawaiian Tiki Gods please visit our ABOUT TIKI GODS page.

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      Arodi Garcia

      My friend was really happy … hard to find in Honolulu stores . I’m glad I found your web page