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Wooden Rustic Vase Sculpture 19"


A beautiful wooden rustic Vase or Bowl Sculpture that was made from a teak root which grows under ground. Measures approximately 19 inches by 18 inches by 26 inches. The grain is spectacular, the wood is hard, heavy and dense.

Each piece is unique and will vary slightly in shape and tone.

  • Wood: Teak Root
  • Vase or Bowl
  • Size: Approximately 19 inch X 18 inch X 26 inch
  • Art gallery grade
  • Orchid flower not included

Hawaiian Artisans:  We support our local woodworking artisans. Some earn a living from their creative work, while to some others, it is more of a hobby. In either case we select our artisans based on the quality and uniqueness of what it is they do. Some make many different items, while others specialize.