Strength | Tiki Mask 20"

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Hand carved tiki mask representing KU (Strength) the Hawaiian Tiki God of War. KU represents both negative and positive aspects. He stands for that which is upright and erect. He represents war, fishing, farming and the deep forest. He is the 'ihe (spear), the god of war who takes life away and the who brings forth life from the earth (Bishop Museum, Honolulu)

Mask measures approximately 20 inches high by 5-1/4 inches wide. The perfect mask for that Island-Style room or office. Great gift idea. All hand painted and finished.  

  • Style: Polynesian Tiki Mask
  • Representing Strength / Warrior (KU)
  • Approximate Size: 20 inches tall by 5-1/4 inches wide
  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Grey Washed Look
  • Hand carved 
  • Hand finished and painted