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Makana Hut is your number one online source for Tiki Carvings, Hawaiian Art, Polynesian Masks and Island-Style Home Accessories. Makana Hut has a variety of Island-Style Jewelry including Hawaiian Makau (Hei-Matau), Necklaces and Bracelets designed and made in Hawai'i, Handmade Jade Necklaces, Koa Wood Necklaces and Bracelets. We also have handmade ultra soft Sarongs. Our selection of Tropical Décor for your home include museum replica Hawaiian Tiki Carvings, Hawaiian Themed Signs and Sea Life Carvings. Also for Custom work, Makana Hut has it's own Custom Carver to create a one of a kind authentic piece of Oceania Art.

Fish Hook Necklaces (Makau)

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Featured Polynesian Museum Tikis

Ku | Hawaii Museum Tiki 20"

KU represents both negative and positive aspects. He stands for that which is upright and erect. He represents war, fishing, farming and the deep forest. He is the 'ihe (spear), the god of war who takes life away and the who brings forth life from the earth (Bishop Museum, Honolulu) 

Tahitian Tiki Figure 12"

A hand carved Tahitian Idol in a natural finish. Approximate Size: 12 inches tall by 5 inches wide. Tahitians not known for Tiki Carvings, but being in Polynesia they did survive in some places. Tikis in were known as Ti'i in Tahiti and are now mostly housed in numerous Museums in Europe. 

Love & Ocean Tiki Totem 20"

Carved Premium Tiki Totem in Natural Finish representing Love (Lono) and Ocean (Kanaloa). Double meaning totem measuring approximately 20 (50 cm) inches tall and 4-1/2 inches wide.Carved from Premium Monkey Pod. Also have this in a 12 inch.

Hawaiian Wooden Signs

Handmade Aloha Signs | Welcome Signs | Surf Signs

Makana Hut Favorites

Lono Tiki God 12"

Hand carved authentic Hawaiian Tiki God Lono, measuring approximately 12 inches tall. Carved from solid monkey pod wood. Hawaiian mythology say Lono is Tiki of Love, Luck and was celebrated as the People's God for he moved among the masses bring life and peace.   

Premium Hawaiian Hook Club

Polynesian Replica Hook Club which has been hand carved from beautiful mahogany wood. Featuring engravings on handle and hook. This replica measures approximately 16-1/2 inches long by 7 inches wide and is carved from single piece of wood. 

Ho'okipa Hawaiian Totem 20"

Ho'okipa means welcome with open arms and hospitality. Giving and unselfishly extending to others the best you can. Ho'o is hosting with hospitality and Kipa is spending time with others or visit.  

Tropical Home Accents

Honu (Sea Turtles) | Acacia Accessories | Makau (Fish Hooks)

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
My new best tiki. I thought I already had my best tiki. Now this one is my best! It’s so beautiful for a tiki. It’s even better than I expected! And I’m rather picky. A little on the expensive side, but it’s worth it.......and it’ll last forever.
— Ray Looschen
Customer reviews
Great quality and as advertised
— Karl S
Customer reviews
Nice looking. The canoe arrived well packaged and looks great! The only downside is the size is 2" shorter than advertised. Not a huge deal, but would have been nice.
— Clint Wiley
Customer reviews
Polynesia in Florida. It’s nice to have authentic products from Hawaii. Not counterfeits from china. Quality is great. Will order again.
— Gabriel M Lenchus
Customer reviews
Great product and service.
Thank you.
— Cameron Andrews
Customer reviews
Received my Polynesian mask. I'm very pleased with my purchase. Workmanship is very good
— Richard Whitney
Customer reviews
AMAZING: Incredible details and looks amazing!
— Robert Erdmann