Kanaloa Tiki | Hawaii Museum Replica 20"

$ 165.00


Explore Hawaiian mythology with this Kanaloa Tiki (Ki'i), a 20-inch tall and 4-3/4-inch wide replica of the revered Tiki god. This museum-quality piece is intricately carved from a single piece of monkey pod wood, showcasing the deity's symbolic connection to the ocean and fishing, as well as his role as one of the four major Tiki gods in Hawaiian culture. As the god of both magic and education, Kanaloa holds a significant place in Hawaiian folklore.

  • ORIGINAL: Hawaii Museum, Hawaii
  • Ki'i - Means image or statue representing Hawaiian Gods and Deities.
  • Traditional Kanaloa Tiki: God of Hope and Faith, Cleansing Tiki of Fresh Water, Fishing, Ocean and Abundance
  • Material: Monkey Pod Wood
  • Approximate Size: 20 inches tall by 4-3/4 inches wide by 4 inches deep
  • This Tiki was carved with great attention to details
  • Hand carved and waxed

This is a beautiful piece of art! For more information about Tiki Gods of Hawaii go to our About Tiki Gods Page.