Tahitian Tiki Figure | Polynesian Replica 12"

$ 78.00


A hand carved Tahitian Idol made from monkey pod wood and measures approximately 12 inches tall. Tikis in Tahiti became rare items by the end of the 19th Century due to the orders of all Tahitian Idols to be destroyed, at the request of missionaries from London*. 

Tahitians not known for Tiki Carvings, but being in Polynesia they did survive in some places. Tikis in were known as Ti'i in Tahiti and are now mostly housed in numerous Museums in Europe. 

  • Tiki: Tahitian 
  • Material: Monkey Pod
  • Approximate Size: 12 inches tall by 3 inches wide by 3 inches deep
  • Hand carved and stained
  • Color: Natural Finish
  • Oiled/Waxed before shipping out

NOTE: All Tikis may vary in wood grain and color. If you prefer and certain grain coloring please note this and we will try our best to accommodate request. Mahalo

*From W.S. McCallum