Life and Peace Tiki Totem | Hawaiian Décor 20" (Stained)

$ 165.00


The Life and Peace Tiki Totem, measuring approximately 20 inches tall and 5 inches wide, embodies the Hawaiian deities Kane and Lono. Hand-carved from monkey pod wood and featuring a stunning Mission Oak stain, this totem features an antique gloss look. Each piece is meticulously hand-waxed before being sent out, making it an impressive addition to any Tiki Collector.

  • Totem: Life (Kane) and Peace (Lono)
  • Hawaiian Museum Tiki
  • Tiki God Kane: Ancient God of Light and Life: Provides safe keeping 
  • Tiki God Lono: Ancient God of Fertility and Peace 
  • Color: Mission Oak (Stained)
  • Material: Monkey Pod (Also known as Saman/Raintree)
  • Measurements: 20 inches by 5 inches (Allow for sight variation due to carving)
  • Hand waxed/finished 

All totems are hand carved so will vary slightly in size and weight. Also vary in wood grain. If you have questions or preference please let us know we will do our best to find right grain/color.