Ocean Image 8" | Hawaiian Replica

$ 34.00


Hand carved authentic Hawaiian Tiki. Carved from solid wood this Temple Image measures 8 inches tall and has great detail carved into the image. Hasa carved tall headdress and represents god Kanaloa, one of the four primary Tiki Gods in Hawai'i along with Ku, Kane and Lono. Kanaloa represents the Ocean, Winds and Navigation. Kanaloa is the ruler of Mana, and is closest to Kane and together they search for sources of fresh water.  

  • Kanaloa: God of the Ocean Water, Wind and Navigation
  • Measurement: 8 inches tall by 2-1/4 wide
  • Material: Wood
  • Perfect for the office or a gift.

For more about Hawaiian Tiki Gods please visit our ABOUT TIKI GODS page.