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Onsite Carver

Pictured Above - Few of our Onsite Carver's work. Koa Wood Paddles (Left) | Maple Makau with Mahi (Middle) | Koa Hook with Humpback Whale (Right)

Makana Hut's own Onsite Custom Carver/Artist creates authentic Oceania Art and Carvings celebrating the Pacific. Each carving is a one of a kind and carved with Tradition of the Islands in mind. Makana Hut can do Fijian Tanoa Bowls (Kava Bowl), Hawaiian Canoes, Polynesian Storyboards, Paddles and Makau (Hawaiian Fishing Hooks). And of course Tikis can be custom made or you can have a Traditional Hawaiian Tiki carved for you.
You work directly with our Artist/Carver so we are sure you are getting what you want and makes the experience of requesting a Custom Carved piece easy and enjoyable.

Pictured Above - Beautiful Koa Hawaiian Canoe

Makana Hut's Bowls and Trays are made upon request and as you can see below the beauty of Hawaiian Koa Wood make for the perfect pupu serving dishes. Our carver can create a authentic design or if you have a specific idea or want he will follow your needs.


All our Bowls and Trays are made and carved on the Big Island of Hawaii. 
Below are a Shell designed bowl (Pictured Left) and Kalo Leaf Platter made of Big Island Koa (Pictured Right).

Pictured below is a Hawaiian Storyboard/Relief about the Fire Goddess PELE. Also work do carvings on Doors and Cabinets.


For more information about Makana Hut's Exclusive Custom Onsite Carver please email us at aaron@makanahut.com or call 949.248.2726
Makana Hut's Custom Carver



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