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Outdoor or Indoor 7 Foot Tiki Totems

July 19, 2019

Our 7 foot Tiki Totems are perfect for the Yard or Pool area and great for any Tiki Collector. From the Easter Island to Trader Vic replica, we have great selection of Tiki Totems standing 7 feet tall. 

Below is a Double Meaning Totem representing Easter Island and Big Kahuna. This Tiki is carved from a Royal Palm Tree and measures 84 inch x 9 inch x 9 inch.

Easter Island and Big Kahuna Tiki - Makana Hut

Trader Vic's all started in 1934 and created a Tiki Culture. There flagship restruant is located in Emeryville, CA which opened in 1972. Below is a Trader Vic's replica carved out of a Palm Tree and measures 84 inch x 10 inch (diameter may vary slightly). This Totem we used our Natural Finish technique.

Trader Vic's Natural - Makana Hut

Makana Hut has a great selection of 7 Foot Totems that work great Indoors or Outdoors. Even got a Protector Totem using our Burnt Finish Technique. If you look closely you can see the Keiki being protected.

Protection Tiki - Makana Hut

Please look through all of Makana Hut's Totems, with a range from 8 inches to 84 inches and lots of different styles. 

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