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New Arrivals | Island-Style Jewerly

Check out our Jewelry and Makau section. Just arrived Pendants and Beaded bracelets. Makana Hut now has the popular Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelets and Necklaces.

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August 04, 2016


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Koa Wood | Island Inspired Jewerly


Hawaiian Koa Wood is native to the Islands and it's amazing grain patterns and deep colors make it incredibly popular world wide. Here are a few of Makana Hut's Koa bracelets

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Tiki God KU Hawaiian Museum Replica

One of the 4 major Tiki Gods of Hawaii. This Hawaiian Museum Replica Tiki KU below measuring 20 inches, made out of solid monkey pod wood. The original is from Hawaii Museum.  KU is known as the Tiki of strength and Tiki God owar. The other 3 Gods are Lono, Kane and Kanaloa.

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Surf Inspired Tiki Art

Here are a couple of Surf inspired handmade art pieces from Makana Hut. For the Surf decor room or outdoor lanai.

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Handmade Tiki Pendants/Necklaces

Makana Hut's handmade jewelry made of Koa and Bone, both are hand carved inspired by the Hawaiian Tiki culture. 

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Handmade Island Inspired Jewelry

Makana Hut's Jewelry made of Koa, Shell and Bone.  Pendants, Necklaces and Hawaiian Fish Hooks (Makau).

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Makana Hut's Affordable Tikis

These are a few of Makana Hut's affordable Tikis. They have been hand carved with details and keeping with the Hawaiian traditions.

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