Ali'i refers to the hereditary line of rulers, the noho ali'i, of the Hawaiian Islands. Aliʻi nui were supreme high chiefs of an island and no others were above them. Take a look at Makana Hut's replica Ali'i Clubs made for the rulers.

Hawaiian Engraved Ali'i Club - Makana Hut

The above Alii War Club is made from Hawaiian Koa and features Etched Tribal Design and Red Feathers. Has 16 Shark Teeth and measures around 19 inches.

The responsibility of the Ali'ib Nui was to make sure the people the rules of order, rights and Kapu (Laws and Code of Conduct).

Koa Wood Ali'i Club

This beautiful Premium Koa Club pictured above made of Curly Koa lumber and hand crafted in Hawaii. Features 16 large shark teeth and sennit rope from Fiji. Take some time to check out our Hawaiian Wood Page.