Makana Hut has various sizes of Tiki Akua Kai. Akua means God and Kai means Sea or Current of the Ocean. The original sculpture is the only one of its kind in the world and is now part of a priceless collection of the Hawaii Museum, Honolulu. Today it is considered by experts to be the largest and finest of this class of portable image.

Below is our 8 inch Akua Kai museum replica that comes in Natural or Stained finishes.

Akua Kai 12 inch - Makana Hut

Also comes in Kona Style, below is a Akua Kai Hawaiian Museum Replica measuring 20 inches tall, hand carved from solid monkey pod wood. The image is possibly one of the finest Kona-Style images. The Original is from Pitt-Rivers Museum


Kona Style Stained Akua Kai

For the Tiki Collector who really wants the Polynesian look at their home, below we have this 48 inch hand carved Akua Kai Hawaiian Museum Replica made of solid Monkey Pod wood and measures approximately 48 inches by 9 inches by 9 inches.

Akua Kai 48 inch - Makana HutTop Akua Kai 48 inch