Hawaii Museum replica Temple Image representing Tiki God Kanaloa that measures 20 inches. Carved out of a solid piece of monkey pod wood with great details. Kanaloa is known as the Tiki of the ocean and fishing. Kanaloa is one of the 4 major Tiki Gods in Hawaii.

Tiki Kanaloa | Makana HUt

This is a classical Kona-Style image. Kona Style faces dominated by snarling mouths and extended nostrils with the parallel carved lines representing the beards.

Kanaloa Tiki God - Makana Hut

The original is at Hawaii Museum, Hawaii. Traditional Kanaloa Tiki is God of Hope and Faith, Cleansing Tiki of Fresh Water, Fishing, Ocean and Abundance.

Kanaloa - Hawaiian Tiki - Makana Hut

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