Hawaii Museum replica of Hawaiian Tiki God Kane that measures 39 inches. This image is a Kona Style carving out of a solid piece of wood with great details. Kane is the earliest to arrive in Hawai'i. Know as Life Giver, all life is sacred to Kane. Also is God of agriculture, fish and procreation. Kane brings varieties of kalo (taro), 'awa (kava), mai'a (banana), ko (sugarcane) and 'ohe (bamboo). Kane is one of the 4 major Tiki Gods in Hawaii.

Kane Hawaiian Tiki God Replica - Makana Hut

This is a classical Kona-Style image. Kona Style faces dominated by snarling mouths and extended nostrils with the parallel carved lines representing the beards.

Hawaiian Tiki God KANE - Makana Hut

The ORIGINALis at Hawaii Museum, Hawaii. Hand carved Tiki God of Agriculture, Fish and Procreation from premium wood. Hand waxed before sending out. 

Tiki God Kane - Makana Hut

This is a beautiful piece of art! For more information about Tiki Gods of Hawaii go to our About Tiki Gods Page. True piece of art and great for any Tiki Collector. More about Hawaiian Tiki Gods at our ABOUT TIKI GODS page.