All handmade in New Zealand by master carvers from Jade or the traditional name Pounamu. We carry Traditional and Contemporary style pendants. Even a Jade Hawaiian Honu (Sea Turtle).


Jade Large Flower Drop Necklace - Makana Hut

The image above is our Large Jade Flower Drop, hand carved by Artist Luke Gardiner from New Zealand's South Island. The Drop brings peace and serenity to the wearer and shows a person of great intelligence, sensitivity and spirituality, along with respect to the natural world.

Dark Jade Koru - Makana Hut

Above is another just arrived Jade Necklace, our Dark Jade Koru Pendant handmade by Ross Crump one of New Zealand's best known and highly skilled master carvers. The spiral form is a Koru, which is the fern frond as it opens bringing new life and purity to the world. The closed outer circle is the circle of life. It also represents peace, tranquility, spirituality, family as well as regrowth or new beginnings/journey.

We have styles from Jade Shark Tooth, Fish Hooks (Matau) and of course Toki Pendants. The Toki or adze blade is the mark of an artist or creative person and the bringing together of head, hand and heart. The twist is an eternity symbol representing the joining of peoples and the many paths of life.

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