Our latest Hawaiian Koa Wood replication necklaces showcasing shark teeth and entirely handcrafted.

Leiomano Koa Necklace
Pictured above and below is our Lei'o'mano Koa Wood necklace. This pendant features 6 shark teeth. Lei'o'Mano means lei of Shark Teeth. This sharks lei club goes way back in Hawaiian Tradition, usually with wooden handle and the shark teeth were set into grooves around club. Used by mostly Hawaiians but was present in other Polynesian cultures.
Leiomano Koa Necklace
We also have a Hawaiian Koa Wood Axe Club Necklace featuring three shark teeth. This replica of a traditional Hawaiian or Polynesian weapon was handcrafted from the beautiful Koa Wood that is so loved in the Islands.
Axe Club Polynesian Necklace

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