Makana Hut's collection of Sea Life Carvings featuring Hawaiian Sea Turtles, also called Honu. Honu are highly respected in the Islands and are considered the giver of good luck, longevity, safety and Mana. We also have incredible carvings of He'e (Octopus) or Tako, Yellowfin Tuna and more.

Mahi Mahi 16" Carving | Makana Hut

Above is our hand carved standing Hawaiian Mahi (dolphin fish). Mahi-Mahi means "very strong" in the islands. This beautiful piece measures approximately 16 inches tall by 9-1/4 inches wide and has been carved from Monkey Pod Wood.

All of our Sea Life statues are hand carved with great care and details. All polished and oiled before sending out to customers.

Manta Ray 20" | Makana Hut

Above is a 20 inch Manta Ray This beautiful piece of art features two Manta Rays, called hahalua in the islands of Hawai'i. Hahalua means "two breathes". 

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