Our Tiki Bar signs are the perfect fit for any collector or tropical bar area. Like the Retro TIKI LOUNGE sign below, wood and hand painted. This sign measures 20 inches by 9 inches wide.

Makana Hut Tiki Lounge Sign

This following TIKI BAR with Engravings one has Petroglyph carvings as well as a carved Tiki Figure on left side. Sign measures 24 inches by 7 inches tall.

Makana Hut - Tiki Bar with Engravings

Always perfect for the Bar Area or outside Lanai is our GROUP THERAPY sign. This handmade sign with a few refreshing cocktails and hibiscus flowers fits right in around the bar. Sign measures 16 inches by 6 inches.

Makana Hut - Group Therapy Sign

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