Kauai Kanoa 1778 | Hawaiian Heritage Art

$ 3,300.00


Hand carved by Richard Morgan Howell, this stunning piece of Hawaiian art he calls "Kauai Kanoa" is a replica rendition that follows the style, size and character of the original closely (read about original below). It is one piece carved from Avocado heartwood, 22 inches long with human replica teeth and Pearl shell eyes. 

Story of this carving: On a visit to Kauai, Hawaii in early 1778, Captain Charles Clerke commanding Captain James Cook’s flagship Discovery, was sought out by a Hawaiian chieftain who gifted Clerke with a prized figured kava bowl(kanoa). After both Cook and Clerke died in 1779, the piece was donated to the British Museum by Sir Joseph Banks. (Below image is the original)

Original 1778 Captain Cook - Makana Hut

Kanoa is name used in Hawai'i for Kava Bowl. Kava bowls are almost always handcrafted. Each bowl is unique and special, crafted with a great deal of care and love. No two kava bowls are exactly the same!

  • 22 inches long
  • Wood: Avocado 
  • Hand carved
  • Features: Acrylic Teeth and Pearl Shell Eyes
  • Kanoa:  Local name in Hawai'i for kava bowl. 

For more information about our onsite carver/artist and his custom work: CLICK HERE