Marquesas Totem Stained Wood | Polynesian Art 20"

$ 165.00

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Expertly crafted, this premium stained wood Tiki Totem showcases the unique art and traditions of the Marquesas Islands. The intricate carving features folded arms and bent legs, representing the cultural significance of this region.

The disproportioned head and large eyes are typical of Marquesas Tikis, which can be found on Hiva Oa Island in French Polynesia. Captivating in its detail, this totem stands at a height of 20 inches

  • Totem: A Tiki is a sculpture endowed with an important spiritual and symbolic force, originating from the Marquesas Islands and usually representing a modified man. The Tiki is a real emblem of French Polynesia and holds a significant position in the local culture.
  • Color: Stained
  • Material: Monkey Pod Wood
  • Size: Approximately 20 inches (50 cm) | Please allow for sight variation due to hand carving.
  • Waxed/Oiled before shipping out