Three Kahala with Two Turtles | Sea Life Carving 60"

$ 2,800.00


A beautiful hand carved Sea Life statue featuring three Kahala (Amberjack) and two Sea Turtles (Honu). This beautiful piece of art if carved with great details and measures approximately 60 inches (5 Feet) tall by 24 inches wide. Carved from premium monkey pod wood and looks great in the entry or any room in that fish enthusiast house or office. This carving weighs approximately 90lbs. 

  • Hand Carved Sea Life Standing Statue
  • Features: 3 Kahala and 2 Honu (Sea Turtles)
  • Material: Monkey Pod Wood 
  • Weight: 90lbs
  • Approximate Size: 60" tall by 24" wide  
  • Kahala or Amberjack is a form of Yellowtail or Hawaiian Kampachi. 
  • Honu (Sea Turtle) is highly respected in Hawai'i and is also thought to protect and guide.
  • Natural finished and hand oiled. 

NOTE: Please contact about shipping as this weighs around 90 pounds and needs special carrier. Email at