Ali'i Club with Polynesian Engravings | Hawaiian Heritage Replica

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$ 325.00


This Ali'i Club replica, carved from Monkey Pod wood and adorned with Teeth, is a stunning piece of Hawaiian heritage. Once used to inflict serious damage, this Polynesian club now serves as a collectible work of art. Measuring 27 inches in length, it is carefully handcrafted from a single piece of solid wood and features a Sennit fiber handle.

The term "Ali'i" refers to the hereditary line of rulers known as the noho ali'i of the Hawaiian Islands. These supreme high chiefs held the highest authority and were responsible for maintaining order, enforcing rights, and upholding the Kapu, or laws and code of conduct.

  • Style: Hawaiian Heritage Club
  • Hand carved
  • Rope: Sennit fiber
  • Size: Approximately 27 inches long x 7 inches wide x 1-1/2 inches thick
  • Material: Monkey Pod Wood (Acacia Koa)
  • Color: Natural
  • Features: Teeth*

*NOTE: This replica contains sharp objects (Teeth) and will cut you if not handled with care. For adults only