Hawaiian Makau w/ Engravings (2 Sizes)

$ 65.00


Handmade Warrior's Hawaiian Makau (Fish Hook Pendant) with Polynesian engravings. Hand carved from Black Rosewood or sometimes called Sonokeling and features 4 teeth carved from bonvine. This Fish Hook was designed in Hawai'i and one of Makana Hut's latest design.   

  • Hawaiian Fish Hook (Makau in Hawaiian): Symbolizes giving a person Prosperity, Strength and Good Luck, Also a great respect for the Sea.
  • Size Small: Approximately 2-1/2  inch tall x 1-1/2 inches wide (With teeth)
  • Size Large: Approximately 3-1/2  inch tall x 2 inches wide (With teeth)
  • Engraving on Hook
  • Includes adjustable cord
  • Material: Black Rosewood and Bone
  • Color: Brown
  • Handmade

Wood: Sonokeling or Rosewood -  Has golden brown to a deep purplish brown, with darker brown streaks. The wood darkens with age, usually becoming