Hawaiian Fish Hook w/ Octopus on Stand

SKU: MH36202-488
$ 95.00


Handmade Hawaiian Fish Hook or Makau on a stand featuring a He'e (Octopus) and Polynesian carvings. This Fish Hook makes any home look more tropical. Our Hawaiian-Style hook is perfect for the office or living room and is approximately 13 inches. This Fish Hook was designed in Hawai'i and sits on a stand attached by lashings. 

Octopus also known as He'e or Tako in Hawai'i.  He'e is known to be associated with Tiki God Kanaloa (God of the Ocean). He'e also has many meanings like slip away, surf or flee.  

  • Hawaiian Fish Hook (Makau in Hawaiian): Symbolizes giving a person Prosperity, Strength and Good Luck, Also a great respect for the Sea
  • Features: He'e (Octopus) and Polynesian Carvings
  • Approximately 13 inches tall x 8-1/2 inches wide
  • On a stand (not removeable)
  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Natural
  • Handmade