Ku Tiki God | Traditional Hawaiian Replica 12" (Stained)

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Here is a beautiful hand carved and stained Tiki measuring 12 inches representing Hawaii Tiki God KU. This traditional Hawaiian tiki was carved from a single piece of monkey pod wood with great detail and care. Tiki has been hand stained in a beautiful walnut. Ku is known as the tiki of strength, warrior, family, sunrise and good crop. Ku is one of the four major Hawaiian tiki God. For more information about Tiki Gods of Hawaii please visit our About Tiki Gods page: CLICK HERE

KU represents both negative and positive aspects. He stands for that which is upright and erect. He represents war, fishing, farming and the deep forest. He is the 'ihe (spear), the god of war who takes life away and the who brings forth life from the earth (Bishop Museum, Honolulu)

  • ORIGINAL: Hawaii Museum, Hawaii
  • Approximate Size: 12 inches tall by 4 inches wide by 3 inches deep
  • Traditional KU Tiki: strength, warrior, good crop and family
  • Material: Monkey Pod Wood
  • Color: Hand stained in American Walnut
  • This is a beautiful piece of art! This Tiki was carved with great attention to details
  • Hand waxed and polished before sending out. 

NOTE: All Tikis may vary in wood grain and color. If you prefer and certain grain coloring please note this and we will try our best to accommodate request. Mahalo