Marquesas Totem | Polynesian Art 12"

$ 110.00


Expertly hand carved from premium Monkey Pod wood in a natural color, this 12" Tiki totem reflects the traditional art of the Marquesas Islands. Its unique design features bent legs and folded arms with hands resting on the stomach, and a strikingly disproportionate head with enlarged eyes - a signature style of Marquesas carved Tikis.

This exquisite piece showcases intricate details, as depicted in the accompanying pictures. Tikis from the Marquesas Islands are primarily found on Hiva Oa Island in French Polynesia.

  • Totem: A Tiki is a sculpture endowed with an important spiritual and symbolic force, originating from the Marquesas Islands and usually representing a modified man. The Tiki is a real emblem of French Polynesia and holds a significant position in the local culture.
  • Material: Monkey Pod Wood
  • Color: Natural Wood
  • Size: Approximately 12 Inches (30 cm) | Please allow for sight variation due to hand carving.
  • Waxed/Oiled before shipping out