Moai Kava Kava | Easter Island Carving

$ 765.00


One of a kind piece of art that was hand carved by Richard Howell. Mo'ai Kava Kava represents an ancestor figure like the large figures. Kava Kava means ribs, most likely to show starvation, we think there was many famines there throughout history. The body and base of this amazing carving has numerous Rapa Nui figures.

This stunning piece has three different woods. Head is carved from Hawaiian Milo, the body is stained Avocado with the base being Redwood. Approximate height is 26 inches and base is 20 inches by 16 inches. 

  • Moai Kava Kava
  • One of a kind carving
  • Hand carved
  • Woods: Hawaiian Milo (Head), Stained Avocado (Body) & Redwood (Base)
  • Size: Height 26" | Base is 20" x 16"
  • Features: Numerous Rapa Nui figures throughout the body and base.
  • Artist/Carver: Richard M Howell

Great for any Oceania Collector. For more information about our onsite carver/artist: CLICK HERE