Ocean Temple Image | Hawaiian Museum 39"

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Our Ocean and Fishing Temple Image, this Hawaii Museum replica represents Tiki God Kanaloa that measures 39 inches. Carved out of a solid piece of wood with great details. Kanaloa is known as the Tiki of the ocean and fishing. Kanaloa is one of the 4 major Tiki Gods in Hawaii.

This is a classical Kona-Style image. Kona Style faces dominated by snarling mouths and extended nostrils with the parallel carved lines representing the beards. 

  • ORIGINAL: Hawaii Museum, Hawaii
  • Traditional Kanaloa Tiki:  God of Fishing, Ocean and Abundance
  • Material: Premium Wood
  • Approximate Size: 39 inches tall by 6 inches wide by 5 inches deep
  • This Tiki was carved with great attention to details
  • Hand carved and waxed

This is a beautiful piece of art! For more information about Tiki Gods of Hawaii go to our About Tiki Gods Page.

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Ray Looschen
Wonderful Tiki!

The tiki is great! Beautiful! Thanks. Its better looking than I thought it was going to be. I must mention that it is not perfectly straight in height. But I realize that the 6" x 6" oak that you used might have been a warped beam that the carver purchased for a discount; thinking that he could make up for the warp with carving path choices. Anyway that's OK because if I rotate its base at a certain angle I can create an illusion that it is straight -- -- and then it looks great. I'm a bit picky I guess. My visitors would never notice the slight defect, I'm sure. Thanks again for the beautiful tiki! The color/ staining of the wood is perfect!