Surfboard with Blue Opal Honu

$ 45.00


A sterling silver Hawaiian Sea Turtle (Honu) on a Surfboard. Honu features Blue Opal inlays and comes with rope chain. Made with Sterling Silver and finished with Rhodium to protect from tarnishing.

Honu Turtles or Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle are the only indigenous reptile found in Hawaii. Known in Hawaiian as “Honu,” the turtle symbolizes good luck, endurance and long life. Turtles represent the navigator and are a link between people, the land and the sea. 

  • Honu (Hawaiian Sea Turtle)
  • Blue Opal Inlay
  • Finish: Rhodium - Protects from tarnishing
  • Approximate Size: 3/8" in width and 1 1/8" in length with Blue Opal Inlay