Warrior and Strength Tiki Totem | Hawaiian Décor 20" (Natural)

$ 165.00


Carved Totem representing Warrior (Ku) and Strength (Maori). Ku is one of the 4 major Hawaiian Tiki Gods and represents God of War, Energy and Motivation. The tongue sticking out represents the Maori during there famed Haka Dance, showing their pride and strength. Double meaning totem measuring approximately 20 inches tall and 4-1/2  inches wide. In a beautiful natural finish and hand waxed before sending out.

  • Totem: Strength and Warrior
  • Color/Finish: Natural 
  • Material: Monkey Pod Wood (Also known as Saman/Raintree)
  • 20 inches by 4-1/2 inches (Allow for sight variation due to carving)
  • Hand waxed/finished