Makana Hut's Hand Carved Tiki Totems have just arrived and are ready to ship. The 31.5 inch (80 CM) totems are carved with great details. The Totem below has two deities. Hawaiian Tiki God KU and Maori with the legendary tongue expression during their Haka.

Makana Hut Tiki Totem

Carved from single piece of wood and weight is approximately 27 lbs. The deities feature TikI God KU who is the God of War and established himself as the protector of all of Hawai'i and it's chiefly families. He stands for what is upright and erect which represents war, fishing and farming.

Ku and Maori Totem - Makana Hut

The bottom part of totem has a carved Maori deitie to scare away evil spirts. We will be adding much more Totems and Figures soon. All Totems will be waxed by hand before shipping out and wood grains may differ due to the part of wood these Tikis are carved out of.

Below is our Love & Ocean Totem representing Love (Lono) and Ocean (Kanaloa). Double meaning totem measuring approximately 31.5 (80 cm) inches tall and 6 inches wide. Weighing around 27 lbs. Has a beautiful natural color and hand waxed before sending out. 

Love & Ocean Tiki Totem - Makana Hut

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