Tiki Gods Ku, Kanaloa, Lono and Kane, in Hawaiian mythology these are the four major Gods. Ku the god of Provider and Protector, Kanaloa the god which has supremacy over the ocean, tides and navigation, Lono god of life, fertility and peace and Kane the god of light at the crack of dawn, water and irrigated agriculture and procreation. Kuka'ilimoku is a form of Tiki God Ku and is a coveted war god.

Kuka Ilimoku | Personal God of Kamehameha 20"

Above is our Kuka'ilimoku carved Tiki and is the personal God of Kamehameha and stands 20 inches tall. Kuka'ilimoku was carried into battle aiding many of Chief in his rise to power, including Kamehameha the Great. Kuka'ilimoku was created in both wooden and feather forms.*

39 inch Kuka'ilimoku - Makana Hut

Above is our 39 inch Kuka'ilimoku Tiki Figures. Kamehameha established his personal God as Ku-Ka'ili-moku, as the principal deity of the kingdom and dedicated the temples (Kona District in late 1700's) in honor of this Tiki God.**

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*Referenced: Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawai'i **Hawaiian Sculptures