Our new hand carved bone fish hook necklaces or "Hei-Matau" in Maori.

Below is a Bone Fish Hook featuring complex traditional binding and flame brushed color accents. It includes a plaited waxed braid cord with carved bone toggle. Hook measures approximately 2 inches.

Makana Hut Stained Bone Hei Matau

The Maori people were great mariners and fishermen so the Matau is therefore one of the most powerful symbols used in Maori culture as it represents prosperity, abundance and fertility. It also is said to provide good luck and safety when traveling over water.

Below is another Makana Hut hand carved and stained bone fish hook or Hei-Matau in Maori style. It includes a waxed braid cord with hand carved bone toggle.

Makana Hut Stained Bone Hei Matau

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