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Brand New Makau Necklaces

May 01, 2020

Just arrived Makau and Hei-Matau necklaces. 

Meaning of Makau: The Fish Hook represents strength, prosperity, abundance, and a great respect for the sea.

Below is Makana Hut's Koa & Cow Bone Fish Hook (Makau). This Makau was designed in Hawaii and has adjustable cord.

Koa & Cow Bone Fish Hook | Makana Hut

The following Makau is also brand new and also is designed in Hawaii. Made of Koa Wood and features black engravings.

Koa Wood with Carving - Makana Hut

The following is a hand carved bone fish hook necklace or "Hei-Matau" in Maori featuring complex traditional binding and flame brushed color accents. It includes a plaited waxed braid cord with carved bone toggle. 

Flame Brushed Bone Necklace - Makana Hut

Please look through Makana Hut's Makau (Fish Hook) an Hei Matau necklaces. Choice of Koa Wood, Bone and Jade fish hook necklaces. To browse all of our Fish Hook necklaces: CLICK HERE 

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