Premium Polynesian Replica Clubs

April 22, 2022

Makana Hut's Polynesian Weapon and Club Replicas are true pieces of Artwork have been handmade and carved with the originals in mind. Our Premium Clubs are hand carved with great details a care.

Polynesian Axe Club - Hawaiian Art

Pictured above is our Premium Hawaiian Axe Replica. Made from beautiful Black Rosewood. Measuring approximately 20-1/2 inches long by  6-1/4 inches wide.

Premium Double Axe Replica

Our Double Axe Club (Pictured Above) is a Polynesian Replica club, all hand made and carved. These clubs are solid wood and carved with great details as seen in image. Sennit fiber has been put on handle for that authentic feel. 

Premium Hawaiian Replica Club

Please take a look at all of Makana Hut's replica clubs at our Polynesian Replica Section: CLICK HERE for more information and all clubs in stock.


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