Hand carved 20 inch Totem depicting Hawaiian Tiki Gods Kane and Kanaloa. Kane is the earliest to arrive in Hawai'i. Know as Life Giver, all life is sacred to Kane. Also is God of agriculture, fish and procreation. Kane brings varieties of kalo (taro), 'awa (kava), mai'a (banana), ko (sugarcane) and 'ohe (bamboo). Kanaloa is the God of Hope and Faith, Cleansing Tiki of Fresh Water, Fishing, Ocean and Abundance.

Kane & Kanaloa Stained Tiki Totem - Makana HutPictured above is our stained version of this 20" Totem. Makana Hut has this Totem in a Stained or Natural Finish. Will be hand waxed before shipping out. 

Kane & Kanaloa Natural Tiki Totem - Makana Hut

Above is the Natural Totem. Kane and Kanaloa are two of the four major Tiki Gods of Hawai'i. Kane is god of Agriculture, Fish and Procreation. Kanaloa is god of Fishing, Water & Ocean. Carved by hand out of Monkey Pod Wood.

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