Premium Carved Storyboards

Maui and Goddess Pele
May 28, 2019

40 Inch Polynesian Masks by Makana Hut

Polynesian Mask - Makana Hut
March 06, 2019

Sport Tiki Figures

Lacrosse Tiki
January 12, 2019

Hand Carved Sea Life

Mahi Mahi on Driftwood
December 05, 2018

Colorful Painted Tiki Totems

Painted Tiki Totems - Makana Hut
October 24, 2018

Traditional Polynesian Heritage Weapon Art

Replica Hawaiian Heritage Weapons made by hand and with great attention to the details Polynesian tradition.  Beautiful artwork for any Collector or that home with authentic tropical decor. Makana Hut...
July 12, 2018